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  Please call 602-542-2460 to address Password and Question/Answer issues for unresolved problems.THIS TELEPHONE NUMBER IS FOR PASSWORD AND
  SECURITY ACCESS ISSUES/QUESTIONS ONLY. ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE 8:00 am TO 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays.
IRME Employer Login
(Internet Response Module for Employers)

Effective 4/7/2016, your TWS passwords will no longer be effective on this system. Please select the Create Password link to create your own unique password and security question/answer. NOTE: When entering your Federal Identification Number, remember the FEIN field will only accept your 9-digit Federal Identification Number with no hyphen. We have also eliminated the use of a check-digit number for the IRME application and instead have replaced it with your account branch number. This number will be required only if your Employer Account Number is associated with more than one branch number accounts. This field may be left blank when your branch number of 000 is the only branch associated with your account number. If you have a branch number greater than 000 associated with your account, you must enter a branch number at each log in attempt.

Employer Login

Please enter your Employer Account Number, Branch Number and Password. NOTE: Passwords are case sensitive.

Employer Account Number -

*Please enter your 3 digit branch number, if applicable


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  PASSWORD CRITERIA: Create your own password. Your newly created password must be 8-25 characters, at least 2 alphabetic
  characters (at least one must be upper case and one must be lowercase) and at least one numeric character (0-9) only. You will be
  required to change your password every 30 days using the "Change Password" link.